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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

April, 2009 and I am loving life.

Ok, So I know it has been awhile, but I never seem to know what to write. Who wants to know, or cares about what is going on in the life a 50 year old woman...{ ha ha} Well, this 50 year woman is hot,kicking and going strong.. and tired,bored, and sidetracked(getting nothing done) most of the time. Being 50 is very interesting. I always thought when I turned 50, I would be old.. but,guess what I am not. Amazing!
Currently, I am looking at going back to school in psychology. Who would have thought? I am working on getting certified to teach parents the "Happiest Baby on the Block." In addition to, I am an Infant Massage Instructor, and I work 40 hours a week with families with children 0 -3. Sometimes, I feel that I am cheating the system, because I love what I do!
I have a great husband who supports me 100% including doing the wash, cleaning the house, fixing meals that taste much better than mine, and being my taxi when needed. He listens to my dreams and new decorating ideas, even though we do not have the money or the time to put them in to action.
On top of it all, I am serving as RS Pres. with the greatest counselors ever! I never have to worry about something getting done. It is usually taken care of before I ever think about that fact that it needs to be taken care of.
I have 6 wonderful children, and 4 wonderful children in law's! (Yes well my 15,(almost 16 year old son just came in and read a little and said what a dork... now you know why I never update my blog ha ha. Children do so much for a mom's self esteem.) just a little side note there.
Finally,I am a Grandma to two of the cutest granddaughters around. MY LIFE IS GOOD! Thanks to all of you for helping to make it that way.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Well, Christmas 2008 is in the can. We had an unusual Christmas as we were at home, instead of the ranch. It snowed Christmas Eve about 2 inches, the first white Christmas in Ivins, in 20 years.
Cleola, Charles, Alex and Zac were the only ones here on Christmas Eve, for dinner. The kids said that the grinch was here in my place, I have no idea of what they were talking about. We rousted the kids out of bed around 8 am, a big change from Christmas past. We sat and watched K.C. , Mary and Sophie have Christmas via Skype. It was fun to see Sophie play with here new toys. Skype is a Christmas miracle. Ben, Kim, and Annie came over to open presents. The kids got me an appointment with Dr. Carter for a weight loss program, to shed about 1/2 of me before next years holidays. I am grateful. Burke and Treasa are here and it has been fun to have them. Provo isn't that far away but it seems like we don't get to see them enough.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well it has been quite a week. On the 19th of Aug. we were able to watch the beautiful birth of our new Granddaughter Annie Eva Bess. She was born early in the morning and we had been there most of the night with her. So we have been recuperating all week. Kim was so awesome during it all, and did not even swear ha ha! she worked so hard, Ben was right there with her the whole time he did not sit down once during the last couple of hours. It is so gratifying to see your children become parents. WOW it is just the icing on the cake. The other thing that has happened this week is our other little Grand daughter turned "one" on the 22nd of Aug. We wish her a happy birthday and oh we wish we were closer!!!9 hours is just so far. But we are grateful for cell phones and computers. I have decided, I need to get one of those cameras to go on the computer so I can see her when I call. I miss K.C and Mary so much but look forward to seeing them now that the summer rafting season is coming to a close. They will be here for a few days in Sept. before they head back east to see the other grandparents. We just can't wait. My new "Heaven" will be when both granddaughters are here in my arms together. I know Grandma's are so funny! But DEAL with it. So we end with saying Congratulations to Ben and Kim, Welcome Annie and Happy Birthday Sophie.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Well, What a great couple of weeks this has been, We have had Sophie for a week and were able to take her to the Henrie Reunion. She is so cute and starting to walk and can do nothing wrong in her Grandparents eye's. but man oh man was Grandma"s tired!!!! she is getting old you know ha ha We had so much fun with her all week, and Aunt Kim was the life saver and tended while I worked. Then we went to the Ranch and was able to show her off there. We sent her back to Jackson with Burke and Teresa on Sunday and they safely delivered her to Parents who were very excited to see her. Burke and Teresa also took our other baby ha ha Zachary up to EFY at BYU for the week so this week I have been able to recuperate( I really do not know how you mothers do it) No, it was not bad I am just out of practice of having little ones around and it has been so quite this week with Zachary gone! Charles and I do not know what to do with our selves. Oh wait that is not true, Charles has been back to the ranch on Tues and again to day to get the washer and dryer going and yes they are working YAHOO ! I worked on the 4th so that I can take of the 25th maybe or some other day and off and enjoyed the air conditioning at work sense ours at home is out Yeck! not a fun thing in 107-110 degree weather, but luckily we have a back up that has helped some!(Zach will not think so when he gets home on Sunday ha ha ) But it will help him build character. Alex is enjoying his 6 bedroom apartment all to him self and working lots in this nice hot weather. He and Danni have put a hold on their plans for awhile so we wish them all our support as they make these fun life altering decisions! We spent the 4th of July evening with Kate and Ben and Kim watching fireworks and playing games. Graham was still working . Well I am blogging instead of getting my Relief society lesson ready so I better pull my self back to task. so until next time Love to all

Sunday, June 1, 2008

We are the busy ones, Ben and Kim's house is coming along. We are all helping them in the wake of remodel and redo. The texture on the walls is done, painted, and touched up. Cleola grouted tile on Saturday, and I touched up paint. This week hopefully the doors will get painted, new countertops, and a new wood floor. It is fun to see a project come together.

On a sad note Kim's brother Destery died a week ago, the funeral was yesterday. He died of a heart attack, a young man of 42, much too soon.

Grandpa is missing his Sophie. We are trying to get it together to go to Jackson this month.

Cleola's brother has a son, Cammron, He is getting married next Saturday, in the Bountiful Temple.
We are still trying to get there also.